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10 Carpet Cleaning Tips from Clark Cleaning

In an effort to help our friends and clients in Dauphin & area keep their carpets for as long as possible, the professionals at Clark Cleaning have put together 10 tips to help you remove stains and accidents from your carpets. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment if you have a carpet spot you can’t get out. We happily offer 24/7 commercial and residential service in Dauphin & area.
Blot Stains, Don't Rub Them
Blotting can lure liquid out of your carpet before it has a chance to form a stain. Try dabbing with a mild cleaning solution and a clean cloth, paper towel or sponge.
Club Soda Might Get out Wine Staines
Club soda can often get out beer and wine stains. If this doesn’t work, trying spraying on a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Allow to soak for 10-15 minutes then gently blot. Gently blot then place paper towels on the damp area to dry your carpet. This should take about 1 day.
Try Shaving Cream
Shaving cream can be effective for removing stains. Allow it to set for about 30 minutes after being applied. Blot with a white cloth then apply mixture of vinegar and water before wiping again with a clean cloth.
Freeze Embedded Gum
Using ice cubes to freeze chewing gum that has been tracked onto your carpet is often effective. Simply freeze the gum with ice cubes for half a minute. The gum can usually be pried off with a spoon once frozen.
Dishwasher Detergent Versus Grease
Mix a drop or 2 of common dishwashing liquid with water in a bottle then spray onto the grease stain. This often cuts through the grease and allows you to gently blot up the stain.
Iron Out Candle Wax
An effective method for removing candle wax is to use a clothes iron and towel. Place a towel or paper town over the wax then put your iron on the towel to heat up the wax. This can often lift the wax from your carpet. Be careful not to place your iron on the towel for longer than 30 seconds to avoid burning your carpet.
Hydrogen Peroxide Can Remove Blood
Use a mixture of water and mild detergent to remove as much blood as possible. Scrape away as much dried blood as you can before applying hydrogen peroxide to the stain. The solution will foam. Dab the solution to remove the stain.
Clean Pet Accidents Organically
A bottle of organic cleaner is inexpensive and can get rid of most pet stains with a little elbow work. Contact Clark Cleaning if you are unable to remove a stain.
Candy in Your Carpet?
If you have candy stuck to your carpet it is important to remove it as quickly as possible – the sugar is a magnet for dirt and debris. Try scraping the candy out with a blunt object such as a butter knife or brush. A mild soap and water mixture sometimes works.
Deep-Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning can extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking and smelling like new. Contact Clark Cleaning to schedule an appointment.

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